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Helmet Adventures cont.

So... my sons head is flat in the back and sort of growing into an oblong shape.

He is exactly 4 months old tomorrow. Our adventure began when he was 2.5 months old and we noticed him favoring one side of his head to sleep on. After bringing it up to his pediatrician she referred us to a specialist.

At our first appointment they took measurements of my sons head and scanned his face and head in this machine.


The Dr. showed me stretches for my sons neck muscles and suggested that he look to the left as much as possible and lay on the left most portion of his head as well.

So we went home and I did all the things she told me about.

3 weeks later = today: We went back for our follow up appointment. His head has grown and is a little less flat then it was before, but the Dr. wanted to see his head grow longer not wider and it didn't really do that. So when you take the good with the not so they cancel each other out and yes, he needs a helmet.


This is not my child, but this is the helmet. I have seen some different colors and patterns, so I am curious what choices we will have.

In art news:

* I gathered a bunch of cardboard for a frame project I'm working on.

* Organized Trapper Keeper <-- that is the exact one I have. I keep my art in it.

* and last, I made horrible attempts at trying to find scrap-booking shops in my area. I will have to save that for another more focused trip out and about.


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