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When I was little I wanted to be an Archaeologist.. later a Marine Biologist. I also wished for world peace at Christmas. As I grew older and explored other career possibilities, I decided that it was a creative arty life I wanted to live while still helping others and the environment.

I am just entering a time in my life where I can put some real focus on the causes that matter to me. I would hope that my hard work would pay off by my friends, family and followers on various social networks, spreading my message and supporting the causes themselves.

However, this post is not about a cause I have fronted - rather its a shout-out for a very hardworking mistress of the DIY - miss heidiminx founder of Built on Respect.


Mantra: "Treating people with respect, and sewing the seeds of fairness creates solidarity"

Myspace recently created the Impact Awards for those wonderful people out there that commit themselves to positive social change. Built on Respect is one of three finalists.

Please show your support by visiting the Impact Awards site and voting for Built on Respect. At the same time you can learn about heidiminx's hard work teaching English and computers at a Tibetan refugee community.

Thanks for your support!



Movie Excitement?

I really don't remember the last time I was truly excited to watch a movie. When I was little I would eagerly await Disney releases or anything that had to do with dinosaurs. Now movies are different, at least to me. Its hard for me to find a movie that I want to sit through in a theater when I could just as easily sit and watch at home. I love watching movies with the loud booming bass behind the couch and surround sound making me feel like arrows are whizzing past my ears.

All that said - I am STOKED for the Star Trek Movie and Where the Wild Things Are. Check out these previews. They are totally worth it.


Where the Wild Things Are:

Star TreK:



Helmet Adventures cont.

So... my sons head is flat in the back and sort of growing into an oblong shape.

He is exactly 4 months old tomorrow. Our adventure began when he was 2.5 months old and we noticed him favoring one side of his head to sleep on. After bringing it up to his pediatrician she referred us to a specialist.

At our first appointment they took measurements of my sons head and scanned his face and head in this machine.


The Dr. showed me stretches for my sons neck muscles and suggested that he look to the left as much as possible and lay on the left most portion of his head as well.

So we went home and I did all the things she told me about.

3 weeks later = today: We went back for our follow up appointment. His head has grown and is a little less flat then it was before, but the Dr. wanted to see his head grow longer not wider and it didn't really do that. So when you take the good with the not so they cancel each other out and yes, he needs a helmet.


This is not my child, but this is the helmet. I have seen some different colors and patterns, so I am curious what choices we will have.

In art news:

* I gathered a bunch of cardboard for a frame project I'm working on.

* Organized Trapper Keeper <-- that is the exact one I have. I keep my art in it.

* and last, I made horrible attempts at trying to find scrap-booking shops in my area. I will have to save that for another more focused trip out and about.



Friday sounds so good..

This week flew by only because I've had so much to do and barely anytime to breath. My ideas are endless and because of this my to-do list is getting longer and longer. I added 4 new pieces to the bullygrrl artfire store:





Stay tuned for more items being added to the store. I am working very hard and have many projects on several burners.



I'm BuSy B.

I've been busy, very busy. Once finished (next day or so) I'll post pics of what I've been working on. Until then I'm going to share some other gems. 

Costco shoppin' list:


List+Baby= 2 full carts:


Pizza B-day Cake:






the bullygrrl beginning.

So this is my behind the scenes look at my bullygrrl endeavor. It has taken me many years to find my artistic voice and I think I am just beginning to truly put together all my years dabbling with different mediums. I have always loved making collages - on that same note, I have always clipped cool pictures,words, & objects that stood out to me. The art I am creating is the bits and pieces from over the years organized into stories.

I have an ArtFire shop I recently opened. Check her out: bullygrrl's Art Fire Store.

I will be updating more and more as I am organizing my space and self in all this.

Follow my blog to stay tuned into my adventures in crafting, cooking and chaos!