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The Circus is Back in Town!

It was a pretty mild Saturday. Started out great though. When I got to checking email I received a message that I had been featured in a blog. YAY! I love it. I hope to do some features as well in the near future.

Check out: VA Beach Quilter Thank you SO much for thinking of me!

In the afternoon J took the dirt bike for a spin with friends and I caught up with a good friend. It had been so long since I had seen her she hardly recognized my child. He has grown a lot in 3 months.

Last night we had another first! As I was feeding Paul dinner I checked for budding teeth and WE HAVE ONE!! It was a happysadheisgrowingupfast type of feeling.

Before heading back to my house I stopped at Walmart to pick up more Infants Tylenol, Baby Orajel, and teething toys. I can tell when the poor guy is in pain and it breaks my heart.

While at Walmart I went down the cookie isle. Just to look. Seriously.

I came across the only thing thats even close to Circus Animal Cookies:

In my opinion, they are no bueno.

I have to tell you that my favorite cookies ever (that my mom never let me have and now that I am an adult buy whenever I want) are Mothers Circus Animal Cookies.

About a year ago they went out of business and stopped making said cookies. Luckily on my 24th birthday I had the pink rhino tattooed on my right shoulder. I was sure I had a piece of history on me. I kept trying to think of how to explain it to Paul when he's older.


Now I can tell him that its a cookie and then go and get some because, get this, THEY'RE BACK!!I am not sure when they will be released from the vaults, but I will be right there with a big glass of milk.




I just wanted to quickly share another outlet for my writing. As a new mom and caretaker of a household I have a lot to write about with all my new experiences. Blogher seems like the perfect place to share those tidbits.


I have added a button in the column over that if you click on it, it will take you straight to my profile and most recent blog posts. Catch up on the posts I have made and let me know what you think! I love feedback.



Motocross anyone?

To that I say YES!PLEASE!

Ever since the days of 4 channels and rabbit ears (this is a few decades) I have loved watching motocross on t.v. On the weekends I got the choice of either political talk shows or some sort of outdoor racing event. I always chose the racing and I learned to love it all.

This past Saturday I went to my first live motocross event. Truthfully, I didn't care what it was - just that it was motocross, outdoors and it was said to be amazing was good enough for me. I had no idea I was about to watch the Super Bowl equivalent in motocros - The AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

Our morning started SUPER early with a call from a friend asking if we were/could be ready to go soon. This was at 6:10 am. I don't know about you, but I am not the fastest mover in the morning especially with 4 dogs and a baby. We hurried and an hour later we hit the road (with a few stops of course).

It always amazes me how close everything in San Diego is. It seemed like nothing getting to the Glen Helen Raceway.


We started to get an idea of what we were about to see when we caught a glimpse of a very tall hill that was part of the track the races were going to take place on.


We parked along the opening gates to the raceway, but not in the parking lot nearest the blue balloon. The blue balloon was where the ticket sales were that would accept plastic. This was the beginning of mine and J's motocross championship adventure. We separated from the group we were in and walked alongside the main parking lot, then through it, then back up it. This was the first major walk of the day.

We eventually got our pretty blue wristbands and started off. Originally the thought was to meet up with the people we had come with and had to separate from. Not knowing the raceway we wandered a little aimlessly without finding anyone.

While wandering however, we did manage to find the Speed TV anchors podium.


I took this picture right before we walked behind them. Of course, not to miss out on a moment, I turned and flashed my pearly whites at the camera. And No I did not make it on any of the anchors coverage. My friends backsides as they were walking past did however.


We walked through the entire raceway - not finding anyone for 45 min. Along the way we stopped at a few of the vendors booths. We purchased an FMF umbrella and these bad boys. This was our major deal of the day. These riding boots are normally $275+. They are the mens F3 Fox Boot and exactly what I wanted. J had promised to buy me riding boots for my birthday and we couldn't pass up the deal. I have smaller feet and it happened that the mens size 8 boots were on sale for $85.


This is Kourtney. The other bullygrrl. The picture was taken before the both of us were devoured by the sun. I am still recovering and it has been 6 days.

Here are a few pics to get an idea of what we we were watching.

Our approach to the event was to switch places in the track throughout the race. I noticed that some people picked a post and sat there the entire day. I think we were all to excited to sit still so we got to see a lot of different race perspectives.

This day did not pass without us being front and center witnesses to a crash.


This is a picture I caught right before the crash happened. If you look at the rider in the blue jersey, now look at his front tire. I think it might even show what caused the crash - that tire colliding with the one in front of it. This sent Star Racing rider Michael Hall #164 tumbling through the air.


The flags came out and the 250 racers had to re-start. In the end I think all that happened to Michael Hall was a couple of fractured bones in his hand. He is very lucky as it could have been much worse.

Throughout the day a few dogs kept catching our eye (and our hearts. We <3 all dogs)


We first saw this dog when we were entering the raceway. At first we thought it was cute that it was decked out in moto gear. However, as the day grew longer and longer, this long haired trooper of a dog was still walking around with a helmet, goggles, neckbrace and a jersey.


Everyone should know how much I love Pits. I adore them. I own 2 and I have plenty of friends that own them. Even still I am (as you should be) always cautious when meeting one for the first time. This one was a sweetheart. Not an ugly bone in his body. He was very calm and relaxed the entire time. Never once did he seem out of sorts or intolerant. As we were leaving J talked to this dogs owner and it turned out that he was a breeder. Go figure!

All total I took over 700 pictures at this event. I have created a new Bullygrrl brand that is specifically related to motocross.

Please welcome:


To see the rest of the pictures I took as well as the vido footage I caught check out the BullygrrlMx You Tube channel @ .

I am also creating a BullygrrlMx store.

This was such an inspiring adventure. I can't wait to share the rest of the good things that are going to come from it.



Hoping in Pink..

This morning as I was catching up on twitter, through @cameron_crazy I came across the blog for April Rose. Today is her due date and Dr's are surprised she has made it this long. Already a survivor this story touched my heart and I decided to find something pink to dress my son in to show our love and support.


He is such a gem and has really made me appreciate life like never before.

Earlier today I was looking at videos I have taken as I am going to put together a montage of my very rambunctious pups. I came across a bunch of Paul as a wee lil bit and found a few I had to share. I wanted to see how he would react to certain music as well as his first little sighing sing-song like noise ever. Too precious. Enjoy!


MyFirst Note Cards..

I feel like most of this day was taken up by my unruly computer taking several dumps on me and then taking an extra long time getting cleaned back up. Nevertheless he seems to be running better. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Other then being a momma, doing chores, and tending to animals, I also had time to list my first batch of note cards. Nothing too fancy. Simple and great for any size note to any sort of person.

A couple of pics:



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