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The Bullygrrl's have been busy! Very busy. We have so many projects going at the same time we are a bit frazzled - we are moving forward though and quickly!

This weekend for the 4th of July we are going out to an MX track near Golden Acorn Casino. Simple as it sounds there is plenty to do to get us all out there with all our gear, bikes, and necessities.

Yesterday was a grand search for free firewood on There were a handful of people offering wood but were either unavailable to talk to, or the wood had already been picked up and taken away. :( It was a long hard search but by 5 p.m. we got what we were looking for.

This is the wagon the gentleman helping us allowed us to use to load up the wood.


My full truck with our new firewood. It will be a warm night!


The guy was very impressed that we had brought our own gloves. We are now known as

The Grrls with Gloves.


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