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4 Month Dr Visit.

So... I just came back from my son's 4 month checkup. We were 5 min early and still had to wait 30 min. Then after he was weighed and measured (18.5 lbs 27 in) we waited for another 30 min. The Dr came in and chit chatted about my sons progress. She asked me how much he ate and I told her and she seemed to think that he was eating way too much and there could be no way he'd eat as much as I said. My son is very healthy and in the 90th percentile for weight and length. She then told me about her children and how her daughter literally eats half of what my son does.If my son was 4 month old clothing eating as much as she does then I would be concerned, but he's not. He is 4 months old wearing 9-12 month clothing. You do the math.

Then he got his 2nd round of shots. He started crying when they Dr gave him the liquid he had to drink because he is congested a little and he was laying flat on his back. So I held his hands through the next 4 shots - 2 on either leg. He screamed so loud I think my ear drum rattled. He fell asleep on the way home and is still knocked out. Poor guy.



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