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Some quotes are spot on.

We all know "don't judge a book by it's cover" right? But what does it really mean. Someone twittered this yesterday and it brought me to tears. I have watched several times since then and it blows me away each time. I'm not going to lie. I completely expected a horribly botched performance- this is just amazing. May this woman go on to have a full and amazing life using her god given talents. Enjoy!!!

Susan Boyle sings on Britain's Got Talent!


UPDATE: These are qutoes (via Twitter from authoress Erika Lopez (@erikalopez) on Susan Boyle:

"once in a while these little jesuses come to earth and show us ourselves.we laugh but we laugh at ourselves in the end."

"when she sang,u could taste her revenge.she shared wth the ENTIRE class.we're all her no matter how well we dress or how tight our asses are"

"i'm NOT kidding.susan boyle NOT an anomaly.if u cry,cry 4all the other undiscovered,unloved,ignored precious example of art/life out there--"


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